Sam and Fred, Le Belvédère
Melanie and Zacharie, Le Belvédère
Jasmin and David, Stonefields
One Hundred Acre Woods
Jessica and Jason, Aquatopia
Sarah and Mark, Gatineau Hills

Heartfelt moments turn into heartfelt memories and we are there to capture it all.

We want to capture the big, the small and those in between moments. The genuine moments that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.

Moments like this deserved to be celebrated, and remembered for years to come. 

That hug you shared with your grandparents, the shots you shared with your college friends and the laughter had with your bridal party.

We absolutely loved Victoria as our videographer!!

She was so attentive to details and made us feel extremely comfortable while filming. Her passion and dedication to make sure our day was the most memorable was extremely appreciated.

Samantha R.